Inappropriate Facebook status #4

Take a stand against Kaiju-phobia.

You know, I hear a lot of talk about how dangerous Godzilla is. How he is thirty stories high and breathing fire with his head in the sky. But maybe instead of worrying about how dangerous Godzilla is, people should think before they act. If you don’t want a giant, radioactive dinosaur-type monster to destroy your city, maybe you should make the streets a little wider, so he can get through without smashing all those buildings. And who puts high tension electricity wires all over the place? Anyone could trip over those. It’s a Health And Safety nightmare. And don’t ever get me started on testing atomic weapons under the ocean floor. Poor monster was minding his own business and then – Ka-blooey! No more nap time. No wonder he’s grumpy, woken up suddenly like that. So next time, before you blame a giant monster for destroying Tokyo, think about how he feels. I bet people who don’t care about kaiju won’t share and re-post this message, but people who have a little room in their hearts to love a giant monster will.

Godzilla. It’s not his fault. He was born this way.


Geez, who put all this stuff here? I almost sprained my damn ankle.


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