What Sort Of Heavy Metal Am I Listening To? Part Three

Welcome back, my metallic friends, for another insightful exploration of the world’s loudest and least understood form of music. Today’s lesson will examine two of the most difficult to distinguish genres in the metal pantheon – Doom Metal and Stoner Rock. They have much in common with sludgy guitar riffs and grinding tempos but once again, the key to telling these two musical woolly mammoths apart lies in the lyrics. Let us begin.


Doom Metal lyric subjects:

There was a witch. She was beautiful but she had evil in her heart. I tried to leave her, but there was no escape.


There was a mountain. It was made of iron and mightiness. I tried to climb the mountain but it was evil. There was no escape.


There was a wizard. He knew many arcane magics. Unfortunately he was evil. I tried to escape his mystic machinations. There was no escape.


There was a gate. It led to Hell. I tried not to go through the gate, but I did because there was no escape.


Evil. Evil is everywhere. But not to worry, it’s easy to avoid evil.


Totally kidding. There is no escape.


Stoner Rock lyric subjects:

Dude, is there any more pot?




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