Thanks for stopping by. I’m a writer, journalist, editor and generally starving scribe. Buy my book – “Chasing Dragons: An Introduction To The Martial Arts Film”. If you wrote a book, I’d buy yours.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. dangerousmeredith Says:

    I LOVE reading about martial arts films. How can I buy your book? I live in Melbourne, Australia so I probably should buy it online – direct me to a website.

  2. dorkarama Says:

    It’s on amazon. I think it was published in Australia.

  3. dangerousmeredith Says:

    GOOD LORD! I have read parts of this book already – did you know that it’s on the shelves of The State Library here in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia? It’s a great book. I have quoted from it in some of my blogs (attributed of course). I definitely want to buy it so I can read it all. Just give me a few weeks to pay off some of my credit cards (ahem) and I will get it.

  4. dangerousmeredith Says:

    I just posted a blog (about Invincible Asia in Swordsman 2 and cross dressing) which includes a quote from your book!

  5. dangerousmeredith Says:

    I finally got around to ordering your book – I did it through Borders online. I have only read the chapters about Hong Kong films so looking forward to reading the other chapters as well.

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